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Types of wool: These are the different types of wool we use at Gottstein for our felt slippers.

We source the wool for our felt slippers from regional sheep farmers in Europe. In addition to wool from endangered European sheep, we also source merino wool and noble, rare wools such as alpaca, yak and camel. All our wools are of course mulesing-free.

Overview of the endangered sheep breeds 

Felt slippers made from wool of endangered sheep breeds from Europe. In doing so, you support regional sheep farming, the preservation of rare sheep breeds and biodiversity in Europe together with us. The special feature: The natural models made of wool from endangered sheep breeds are 100% undyed and untreated.

The Tyrolean Stone Sheep

The Tyrolean Stone Sheep is one of the oldest sheep breeds in the world. The breed descends from the Neolithic peat sheep and is native to Tyrol. With a warm, hardy coat of coarse topcoat and fine undercoat, the animals defy the harshest weather. The wool captivates with its silky sheen. Due to their small population, these animals are acutely endangered: there are only about 6,000 sheep left.

Which felt slippers made of wool from endangered sheep are available at Gottstein?

We make various slippers from the wool of endangered sheep. Besides slippers, we have cottage slippers made from wool of endangered sheep breeds, felt clogs and slippers with insoles. Our Magicfelt slippers are also available with a vegetable-tanned leather sole, a rubber-cork sole or our patented felt-latex sole.

Magicfelt 737


2 colors
Stegmann 108 nature


2 colors
Magicfelt 731


2 colors


2 colors

Which felt slippers made of wool from endangered sheep are available at Gottstein?

The rarest and noblest wills are found in the most hostile regions of the earth. Only those animals that are able to defy these extreme conditions can hold their own. As extraordinary as these animals themselves are their noble, rare wools.

Which felt slippers made of fine wools are available at Gottstein?

We process the precious camel, alpaca and yak wool into our exquisite Magicfelt and Stegman felt slippers. With their puristic design, our felt slippers made of precious wool are something very special. Convince yourself of the unique feel and look.

Magicfelt 729 Camel


Magicfelt 728 Alpaca


Stegmann 108 Yak


101 Wool Walker Alpaka


Wool from merino sheep

Merino sheep wool is very soft and not scratchy. The wool fibre is highly crimped and therefore contains up to 85% air entrapment. Merino wool is therefore very insulating and breathable. Merino wool wicks moisture away very well. The finer the merino wool, the higher its price per kilo. We only use very fine merino wool from New Zealand. Mulesing is prohibited by law there.

Learn more about the merino sheep

Buy Merino Wool Felt Slippers

The finest merino wool is processed into our feather-light Magicfelt model. The fine merino wool offers relaxation and rest for your feet thanks to its natural properties. The stylish Magicfelt slippers are anatomically shaped and available in archaic basic colours in a double-face design. Seamlessly moulded over a last, our Magicfelt slippers not only impress with their design but also with their unique wearing comfort.

Magicfelt 736


5 colors
Magicfelt 722


2 colors
Magicfelt 720


4 colors
Magicfelt 701


17 colors

Apart from sheep's wool, what other natural materials do we need to make our felt slippers?

As a family business from Austria, we have been working for generations only with materials that nature gives us. In addition to bright merino wool, selected wool from endangered sheep breeds from Europe and precious wool such as yak, alpaca and camel, we use natural cork, natural latex and vegetable-tanned leather to make our felt slippers.