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The tyrolean stone sheep

The Tyrolean Stone Sheep is one of the oldest sheep breeds in the world. Despite the silky wool of the Tyrolean Stone Sheep, the sheep breed is threatened with extinction and is one of the endangered domestic sheep breeds in Austria.

The Tyrolean Stone Sheep

The Tyrolean Stone Sheep is large-framed. The rams have a pronounced ram head with evenly curved scroll horns. The females are usually hornless. Tyrolean Stone Sheep are born with a black coat colour and turn grey by the second year of life. The back of the Tyrolean Stone Sheep is long and broad. The hindquarters are well developed. The coat of the Tyrolean Stone Sheep consists of silky shiny wool with long outer hair. The undercoat is very fine. The Tyrolean Stone Sheep weighs between 75 kg and 90 kg, although rams can even be somewhat heavier.

Buy Felt Slippers made from wool from Tyrolean Stone Sheep

In our family-run manufactory in Ötztal-Bahnhof, we make felt slippers from the shiny, grey wool of the Tyrolean stone sheep. From the wool to the finished product is no more than about 30 km. Like us, the Tyrolean Stone Sheep, which is threatened with extinction, is native to Tyrol. That is why the preservation of this rare breed of sheep is particularly close to our hearts. With every product made from Tyrolean stone sheep wool, you support our local shepherds and the preservation of the Tyrolean stone sheep.

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