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The Moorland sheep

The Moorland sheep is one of the oldest sheep breeds in Central Europe. It lives in moorland areas and, unlike other sheep breeds, can swim. The Moorland sheep was considered almost extinct and is one of the endangered sheep breeds.

The physical characteristics of the Moorland Sheep

Moorschnucken are a small breed of country sheep. With their approx. 40 kg, they belong to the lightest German sheep breeds. In contrast to the white, horned Heidschnucke, the Moorschnucke is hornless. The Moorschnuck has slanting ears and a small head. Its coat is white with mixed wool. The moorland sheep is considered endangered. It belongs to category III for the conservation of old domestic animal breeds and is included in the "red list" of the IUCN (World Conservation Union). Thanks to breeding, there are now about 5,000 animals again.

Buying Felt Slippers made from Moorland Sheep Wool

Felt slippers made from wool of the Moorschnucke are produced regionally in our manufactory in Tyrol. The felt slippers are felted seamlessly by hand over a last. Felt slippers made of Moorschnucke wool are available as Magicfelt slippers.