PURE NATURE on your feet

The camel wool

Camel wool is temperature-balancing and suitable for wearing in summer and winter. In addition, camel wool has a very low wool fat content (lanolin) and is well suited for allergy sufferers.

The physical characteristics of the camel

Camels are both oafs with two humps and dromedaries with one hump. The valuable camel wool is derived from the so-called Bactrian camel. Camel wool is much finer than that of the related dromedary. Camels come in colours ranging from yellowish, reddish to brownish, thus offering a wide spectrum of earthy colours. Camel wool is not sheared, because the animals shed their hair in spring when they change their coat. So camel wool can simply be picked up and brushed out. The wool yield per camel is about 5-7 kg.

Buying Camel Wool Felt Slippers

Felt slippers made of camel wool are produced regionally in our manufactory in Tyrol. The felt slippers made of precious camel wool are felted seamlessly by hand over a last. Our camel wool felt slippers are available as slippers in the Magicfelt line.

Magicfelt 729 Camel