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The shetland sheep

Shetland sheep, native to the rugged Shetland Islands in the South Atlantic Ocean, north of Scotland, have very soft, fine, crimped wool. Shetland wool comes in many different natural colours.

The physical characteristics of the Shetland sheep

Shetland sheep belong to the Nordic short-tailed breeds. Shetland sheep are considered a very small sheep breed. The males weigh 40-60 kg and the females 30-45 kg. Among their oldest relatives are the sheep of the Vikings. Shetland sheep are considered very hardy, undemanding and long-lived.

Buying Felt Slippers from Shetland Wool

Felt slippers made of Shetland wool are produced regionally in our manufactory in Tyrol. The felt slippers are felted seamlessly by hand over a last. Shetland wool is available in many natural colour variations from which we have chosen the colour "moorit" - a very warm, light brown for our felt slippers. Felt slippers made of Shetland wool can be bought from us in different variations: As boots with leather soles, as felt clogs or as Magicfelt slippers.

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