PURE NATURE on your feet

The processing of our wools

The comfortable slippers combine Tyrolean craftsmanship with modern design and highest quality standards.
Our slippers are made in six individual production steps.

1. Shearing

Sheeps are sheared twice a year.

2. Washing

After the shearing, the wool gets thoroughly washed to remove dirt and impurities.

3. Hand-Picking and preperation

Each wool is picked by hand and mixed according to special recipes and prepared for felting.

4. Felting

The wool is felted and formed in pure mountain water by our master craftsmen.

5. 3D- Shaping

Using unique technology, each slipper is seamleassly felted around the shoe last and anatomically shaped.

6. Refining

The slipper is finished with a sole made of felt, cork, leather or natural rubber. Every shoe that leaves our production is checked by our staff.

What makes wool felt so special?

  • Thermalisolating
  • Breathable
  • Self-cleaning
  • Odor neutralizing
  • Natural and regrowing resource
  • Temperature regulating

Sourcing the fibre wool

Magicfelt and Stegmann stand for quality felt slippers made of special wools such as merino wool, tyrolean stonesheep and tyrolean mountainsheep, alpaca, camel, yak and many others. Our nature line is made of natural, undyed wools from endangered sheep breeds.

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