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The Swiss Jura sheep

The Swiss Jura sheep, native to the French-speaking part of Switzerland, has a very dense, fine wool with almost merino-like properties.

The physical characteristics of the Swiss Jura sheep

The Jura sheep, also called Elbschaf, is a medium-sized Swiss mountain sheep. The wool coat is uniformly blackish brown or elb brown. The head of the Schqeizer Jura sheep is hornless. The ears are medium long and protruding. Another characteristic of the Swiss Jura sheep are the unwooled, shiny black or brown legs. The males weigh between 80-130 kg and the females between 65-100 kg. Shearing of the sheep takes place twice a year. The wool yield is 3.5-4 kg for males and 3-3.5 kg for females.

Buy Swiss Jura Sheep Wool Felt Slippers

Felt slippers made of Swiss Jura sheep's wool are produced regionally in our manufactory in Tyrol. The felt slippers are felted seamlessly by hand over a last. Swiss Jura sheep wool is uniformly black or brown. Felt slippers made of wool from Swiss Jura sheep are available from us as Magicfelt slippers with leather soles or our patented felt latex soles.

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