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The yak wool

Yak wool is one of the noble wools. Thanks to its fine, filigree fibre structure, yak wool does not scratch. The hardy animals are the livelihood of the mountain nomads living in the Himalayas.

The physical characteristics of the Yak

Yak cattle can be recognised by their typical hump, the horse-like swaz, the long coarse hair and the dense undercoat. They are the only species of cattle that has this special woollen coat, which is traditionally combed out in spring. The animals, which do not smell particularly good, communicate through their body odour and their typical grunting sounds. The name yak means "grunt ox" in Tibetan. The yak comes in the colours black, brown, grey and white, but there are also pied animals. 

Buying Felt Slippers from Yak Wool

We produce felt slippers from yak wool regionally in our manufactory in Tyrol. The components needed for the production are sourced regionally. The felt slippers made of yak wool are felted seamlessly by hand over a last. Our felt slippers made of yak wool are available in the following variants: as felt boots with leather soles; as felt clogs with cork soles and as felt slippers with leather soles.

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