PURE NATURE on your feet

Frequently Asked Questions

Which size should I order?

Generally speaking, our house shoes from Magicfelt, Stegmann, and Kitz-pichler have a comfortable fitting. Therefore, we usually recommend to order the actual size. To make your shoes more durable (they are nevertheless a natural product), we recommend to order one size above your common shoe size. This usually increases their lifetime substantially.

Are there different sizes for men and women?

Our felt and boiled wool slippers are uni-sex models. This means that they can be worn by men and women alike. We have adapted the fitting in a way that enables to maximize the comfort of wearing them. Consequently both men and women can wear our Magicfelt, Stegmann, and Kitz-pichler slippers and enjoy the great fitting.

What is the difference between the felt sole and the leather sole?

The felt sole is thicker than the leather sole and softens the impact of walking even better. The main difference of course is the material. The felt sole is made from wool and the leather sole is made from skin. Our felt soles are grey or black while our leather soles are either grey or brown (for our species protection slippers).

How can I retourn an article?

Information about returns you can find here

Can I wear the slippers outside my home?

Yes and no. For a short walk into the garden or on the balcony the slippers Stegmann 108 are perfectly suitable. Nonetheless, they are no street-shoes and excessive use outdoors should be avoided. Particularly take care of moisture and dirt. Our Magicfelt models are only for inside.

What happens if my slippers get wet?

Especially our felt slippers from Magicfelt and Stegmann should under no circumstances become really wet. Small amounts of water are usually unproblematic, but please do not soak the felt in water. Since felt becomes formable in water, please do not soak the slippers. It could loose its form and become faulty. Also, please do not wash felt slippers. You can find our care instructions here

What makes our products unique?

What makes our products unique is the way they are created. They are felted seamlessly from hand and have this exceptional double-face design with bright colors. Contrary to most other companies in our industry, we believe in Tyrol and have our headquarters and our entire production of felt slippers based here. Our species protection line is also unique. With Magicfelt, we have an exclusive range of slippers that is made from the wool of endangered sheep breeds all over Europe. Our engagement supports the local breeders and gives them an additional incentive to keep these threatened races.

Is the wool mulesingfree?

Yes, all of our wools are mulesing-free.

How sustainable are our slippers?

We are standing on the front line when it comes to sustainability, regionality, and climate action. This is because we are highly aware that nature the basis of our lives - therefore we want to give something back to mother nature. 

  • Short transport routes inside company and to suppliers and customers are standard
  • Our primary resource is natural and re-growing wool
  • An intelligent thermal management system that is capable of heat recovery is installed at our production site
  • We guarantee fair wages and social and healthy working conditions for all our employees
  • A large part of our wool is undyed and sourced from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and other Nordic countries.
  • We support endangered sheep species (see Species Protection)
  • We felt in pure mountain water without adding chemicals or auxiliary material.

More information about sustainability you can find here.