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The Alpaca wool

Alpacas are mainly bred for their very soft and silky-glossy wool. Alpaca wool has an exceptionally high thermal capacity. After the Spanish conquest of Peru, alpacas were considered almost extinct in the meantime.

The physical characteristics of the alpaca

The alpaca is a domesticated form of the camel and belongs to the genus "New World camelids", which are mainly bred for their wool. The two alpaca types "Huacaya" and "Suri" differ in the structure of their wool fibre. The Huacaya alpaca has a fine, evenly curled fibre and some awn hairs, which should be as fine as possible. The Suri alpaca, on the other hand, has slightly curly, long strands that hang down from the animal. Alpacas come in 16 different colours. They are sheared once a year before summer and produce a very valuable wool yield of 3-4 kg.

Buying Alpaca Wool Felt Slippers

Our felt slippers made of alpaca wool are made regionally in our manufactory in Tyrol. The components needed for the production are sourced regionally. The alpaca wool felt slippers are seamlessly felted over a last and finished with a vegetable-tanned suede sole. We also have wool sneakers made from alpaca wool in our range.

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