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The Coburg chestnut sheep

The Coburg chestnut sheep was acutely threatened with extinction in the 20th century, and even today the population is still very depleted.

The physical characteristics of the Coburg chestnut sheep

The Coburger Fuchsschaf is a medium-sized sheep. The head of the Coburger Fuchsschaf is hornless and has a typical shape for a land sheep. The head is brown coloured and unintentional up to behind the ears. The slightly hanging ears frame the sheep's head. A special feature of the Coburg chestnut sheep is the golden yellow to reddish brown colour, which is known as the "golden fleece". The lambs are born reddish brown and lighten with age. Males weigh around 85-105kg and females 60-85kg. Shearing of the sheep takes place twice a year.

Buy Felt Slippers made from wool from Coburg Fox Sheep

Our felt slippers made from the wool of the Coburg Fox sheep are produced regionally in our manufactory in Ötztal-Bahnhof, Tyrol. All the components needed to make our felt slippers from Coburger Fuchsschaf wool are sourced regionally. The felt slippers made from the wool of the Coburg sheep have a vegetable-tanned leather sole.

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