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Felted wool slippers for women: what should women pay attention to?

Felted wool slippers are a perfect blend of comfort, warmth, and style. These cozy slippers are not only soft on your feet but also durable, making them an ideal choice for women who want to keep their feet warm during the chilly winter months. Crafted from natural wool fibers, felted wool slippers are not only eco-friendly but also breathable, ensuring that your feet stay dry and comfortable all day long. The wool's natural insulating properties ensure that your feet stay warm, even on the coldest of days. Attractive designs and vibrant colors make these slippers a fashionable choice for women of all ages. From classic neutrals made of undyed wool of endangered sheep breeds to bold colors, there is a pair of felted wool slippers to suit every womens taste and style. 

Whether you're lounging around the house or running errands, felted wool slippers provide the perfect combination of comfort and functionality. Slip-resistant soles ensure that you can move around safely on any surface, and the snug fit keeps your feet firmly in place. In our portfolio we have felted wool slippers with a patented latex felt sole, a vegetable tanned leather, a rubber or a cork sole. 

In summary, felted wool slippers for women are the perfect way to keep your feet warm, comfortable, and stylish during the colder months. So why not treat your feet to a pair of these eco-friendly and stylish slippers today?

Why should you wear felted wool slippers for women?

There are many reasons why you should wear felted wool slippers for women. Below you will find the five most important reasons, why you should wear felted wool slippers:

  • felted slippers are protecting your feet A pair of our slippers will protect your feet from hard surfaces. Waring our Stegmann felted wool slippers with a little lift in the sole and heel to give your arches a little support, and a soft insole to absorb impact, will protect your feet from aches and pains. Our felted slippers can help encourage blood flow to your feet and reduce swelling too!
  • felted slippers prevent slippage Supportive and properly fitting slippers with a non-slip sole can help to prevent accidents at home. Cheap, ill-fitting slippers can be rather dangerous! Our felted slippers prevent slippage with our non-slip sole made of cork, rubber or latex.
  • felted slippers can help ward off colds and flu Keeping our feet warm actually helps us to ward off colds and flu. Did you know: when the temperature of our feet drops, it automatically causes a systemic change in your body and makes your nose cold. This turn makes it more likely that a virus can develop into a cold.
  • felted slippers will help to keep your house clean Never mind how often you are cleaning your home – there is always some dust left somehow. To avoid getting your socks dirty by wearing them at home you can ware slippers. Our felted wool slippers help you to avoid dirty socks and transferring dirt and dust during your home. Don´t forget to have some lovely slippers ready for your guests!
  • felted slippers help your body to relax Putting on a pair of our felted wool slippers is an instant way to relax. That wonderful feeling of coming home and easing your feet into some lovely, comfortable felted wool slippers after a long and busy day is pretty much unbeatable 😊

Buying slippers – what to look out for

Not all slippers are equal. You can´t compare our felted wool slippers which are made in our manufactory to cheap mass-produced slippers. But what should you look for while buying slippers? We think these five facts are the key:
  • Good Materials: make sure that your slippers are made of high-quality materials. For our slippers we are using premium and mulesing-free wool. Felted wool slippers are durable and long lasting and they are providing the comfort and support that your feet really need.
  • Fit: Your slippers should fit properly. Your toes should have enough room as well as your heel. We recommend to add 5 mm to 1 cm buffer while taking the measurements of your feet. If you are wondering how to find the right size of your felted slippers you can have a look at our size guide.
  • Support: Make sure that your feet feels supported. We have feather light slippers like our Magicfelt or our strong supportive Stegmann.
  • Non-slip sole: Our patented felted latex sole, our cork sole or our rubber sole are perfect to avoid slippery!
  • Heel Height: A little lift helps support the feet and protect them from hard surfaces. It has also a relaxing effect on your body. Our Stegmann is perfect therefore! In general look for no more than 2.5cm of height!
Gottstein slippers have been manufactured for all these. They are cosy and look elegant too. Felted Gottstein wool slippers are crafted from high quality wool, which is mulesing-free and eco-friendly. The wool upper unites all the positive characteristics of the wool fibre. The anatomically shaped slipper will support your feet very well while still making it easy to slip on and off. The puristic design and the archaic form is elegant and clean. To top all this, our felted wool slippers are available in bold colors as well as in undyed wool of endangered sheep breeds.

Does Gottstein have comfortable slippers for women with heels?

Yes! Our Stegmann Clog is perfect when you are looking for comfortable, supportive slippers. The upper is made of premium wool. The anatomically shaped sole will protect your feet from hard surfaces and help your feet and body to relax. Especially when you do suffer from back pain our Stegmann Clogs could change your life. The healing wool with all its positive properties has contact directly to your skin. So, the wool lanolin works directly on your skin.

Which is better: closed or open women´s slippers?

It depends on you! If you have always cold feet we would recommend to go for the closed slippers. The cosy wool surrounds your feet and keeps them warm. If you rather want to feel the air on your toes, we would recommend to try our open slippers ST 722.

What do you have to consider when cleaning and caring felted wool slippers?

Wool is a natural fiber which is self-cleaning. That means, that it is not necessary to clean your slippers! It is enough to brush out the dirt with a soft brush. Persistent dirt you can remove with a damp cloth. From time to time you can air out your wool slippers. Please don´t wash your felted wool slippers in the washing machine and don´t put them into the dryer! They would lose their form.