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Kids slippers

What sets Gottstein children's slippers apart?

Our sustainably produced woolen children's slippers are crafted with a lot of attention to detail in our production facility in Tyrol, Austria. Each felt slipper is lovingly handmade by our long-time employees. The love for nature is palpable in every pair of children's felt slippers. We use only renewable and locally sourced materials to create sustainable sheep's wool children's slippers equipped with a non-slip natural rubber sole. Our slippers in various colors for children are suitable for both boys and girls.

How do I find the right slipper size for my child?

As a research team from Austria found in a 2015 study, over 65% of children do not wear the right slippers for their feet. Slippers that are too short are detrimental to your child's healthy foot development. Therefore, we recommend measuring your child's feet regularly using the template method and ensuring adequate toe room. To do this, you will need an A4 sheet of paper, tape, and a pencil or alternatively a ballpoint pen. You can find the detailed instructions for the measurement method here. Please note that children's feet may vary in length, so it's essential to measure both of your child's feet. The longer foot is decisive for your new felt slippers.
With children's feet, it's obligatory to provide additional length, allowing for sufficient toe room and freedom of movement. A length addition of at least 12 mm and a maximum of 17 mm is recommended. To ensure that the fit of the slipper is optimal for your child's toes, we recommend considering 17mm.

How often should I check my child's shoe size?

Especially in early childhood up to 3 years, children's feet grow an average of 1.5 mm per month. That's very fast. Over the course of a year, that's 2 to 3 shoe sizes! Therefore, we recommend measuring your child's feet regularly.
As a helpful guide, we would recommend the following intervals for checking your child's shoe size based on their age:
  • 1-3 years: every 3 months
  • 3-6 years: every 4 months
  • 6-10 years: every 5 months
If you want to delve deeper into the topic of children's feet and their healthy development, we recommend Petra Zimmermann's parent guide: "Children's Feet - Healthy for a Lifetime?"
Of course, in our range, we also have suitable slippers for toddlers and felt slippers for kindergarten children.

How do I care for my Gottstein children's slippers?

Wool fibers are self-cleaning and very durable. The special surface structure of sheep's wool is dirt-repellent, so the children's felt slippers virtually clean themselves. Occasionally, shaking out the children's felt slippers is sufficient to remove dirt and dust. Dirt can be brushed off with a soft brush. Stubborn stains can be gently removed with a damp cloth.
With the wide selection of different children's slippers, some models can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees. Please note that frequent washing can wash out the lanolin from sheep's wool, causing the positive properties of sheep's wool to be lost. Therefore, we recommend avoiding frequent washing and simply shaking out the children's felt slippers to remove dust and dirt.
If you want to wash your children's slippers in the washing machine, please check first if they are suitable for machine washing. We recommend using special natural wool detergent, such as from Sonett. Detergents containing enzymes or bleach should never be used under any circumstances.
Children's slippers made of felt like the Alpine Boot should never be washed in the washing machine. Here, we recommend the trick with the wool brush. Simply brush off coarse dirt and shake out the children's slippers.
Frequent washing should be avoided. Wool is a fantastic natural fiber with many great and easy-to-maintain properties that are lost through washing.

Can children's slippers be put in the washing machine?

Due to the surface structure of sheep's wool, machine cleaning of your children's house slippers is not necessary. Sheep's wool cleans itself. However, if it becomes urgently necessary for your children's slippers to undergo a thorough cleaning in the washing machine, the following models can be washed at 30 degrees in the wool wash cycle:
  • Kindergarten slippers: All Bobby models
  • Children's cabin slippers: Chelsea Kids, Kauns
  • Children's slippers with motifs: Squalo, Esel
  • Children's slippers: Juno

Can children's slippers be put in the dryer?

Do not put the children's slippers in the dryer under any circumstances! This is also not necessary because sheep's wool with its special surface structure is self-cleaning and therefore does not need to be washed.

What are the advantages of children's slippers made of natural wool?

The natural and cozy sheep's wool is particularly gentle on your child's skin. In addition, wool inherently possesses many positive qualities to support the healthy development of your child's feet.
Our sheep's wool slippers are:
  • Temperature-regulating and perfect for every season: Whether in summer or winter, woolen children's slippers offer high comfort. Woolen slippers have a positive effect on your child's feet throughout the year.
  • Breathable and perfect for preventing sweaty feet in children: If your child tends to have sweaty feet, woolen slippers are perfect for ensuring a comfortable foot climate for your child. Sheep's wool is temperature-regulating and odor-neutralizing.
  • Protective: The natural rubber sole provides secure footing for your child. Clever closures offer good support for children's slippers on little feet.
  • Health-promoting: The lanolin in sheep's wool is beneficial for the skin. Wool is used as healing wool for a reason.
  • Sustainable: Our children's slippers are made exclusively from mulesing-free sheep's wool. We prioritize high quality and regional sourcing. Sustainability has always been a priority at Gottstein, and we are always ready to do more for our environment than is legally required.
  • Regional: Since 1926, we have been producing regionally in our manufactory in Ötztal-Bahnhof. Our colleagues produce the slippers for your child with great attention to detail. Our team is fairly compensated, and we ensure they have enough leisure time. We believe that only a happy team is a good team!

Why should children wear slippers?

Children's feet are still very soft and malleable, and they cannot properly interpret discomfort because their nervous system and foot sensitivity are still developing. Well-fitting sheep's wool children's slippers can support the development of children's feet. Children's slippers provide stable support and help strengthen the muscles of children's feet. Nevertheless, they provide a barefoot feel. In addition, children's slippers have a positive effect on:
  • Health: Misalignments like flat feet can be avoided by wearing properly fitting children's slippers. Suitable house slippers can also have a supportive effect on your child's gait. There are numerous studies on this.
  • Sweating: Even if your child tends to have sweaty feet, we recommend wearing our children's house slippers. The cozy sheep's wool is sweat-absorbing, temperature-regulating, and inhibits sweating in children's feet.
  • Protection: Children's slippers protect your child's feet from sharp table legs and corners. Additionally, they protect your child's feet from dirt and dust.
  • Ease of Care: Children's slippers made of sheep's wool are self-cleaning and, therefore, very easy to maintain. Machine washing is not necessary. The children's house slipper can easily be cleaned by shaking out or brushing off dirt.

What are the best slippers for children?

Felt slippers for children should support your child's healthy walking at home and in kindergarten. Natural materials like wool or felt are especially suitable for children's slippers because they offer the best comfort. Children's slippers made of sheep's wool are easy to care for, antibacterial, and temperature-regulating. Woolen slippers ensure a perfect wearing experience in both summer and winter. Please note that often synthetic fibers or even plastic are added to sheep's wool in children's slippers – so it's advisable to read the product descriptions carefully. Artificial materials have a negative impact on the wearing comfort of house slippers. We use only pure wool from our in-house production in Tyrol to provide the best possible care for your child's feet. In addition to the outer material, factors like the inner lining, type of closure, and sole play an important role when ordering your child's slippers.

Which children's slippers are the right choice?

Children's felt slippers made of sheep's wool are especially cozy. The natural sheep's wool supports your child's feet with its positive properties. Natural rubber ensures secure footing for your child. To select the right slippers for your children, we recommend considering the following factors:
  • Intended Use: Kindergarten slippers, house slippers, or cabin slippers for the next family hike? We have the right children's slippers for every purpose!
  • Closure: Slippers with an elastic band over the instep and a closed heel adjust to the individual shape of your child's foot and provide good support. Slippers with Velcro fasteners can be opened wide and facilitate entry. Nevertheless, they provide optimal support. Cabin slippers go above the ankle and are particularly popular in winter. If you need something quick, we recommend slip-on felt slippers.
  • Material: Children's slippers made of walk are particularly lightweight and flexible, providing optimal toe room. Walk has an uneven surface structure and is less susceptible to dirt. A significant advantage of children's slippers made of walk is that they can be machine-washed at 30 degrees. These slippers are available with many fun designs. Children's felt slippers are especially robust yet incredibly lightweight. Unlike cotton slippers, felt slippers are self-cleaning and durable. Lambskin children's slippers are particularly cozy and soft.
  • Surface Structure: If you prefer a rough surface structure, we generally recommend slippers made of walk or felt. If you prefer a smoother surface structure, opt for lambskin slippers.
  • Sole: Our children's slippers are equipped with a patented natural rubber sole. This ensures carefree walking and good grip on any surface.

What reasons speak for buying children's slippers at Gottstein?

Our children's felt slippers are produced without any addition of chemicals or artificial materials. We use high-quality sheep's wool for our children's felt slippers. All materials are sourced as regionally as possible. We prioritize sustainable materials. Our long-standing employees invest a lot of time and love to handcraft our children's slippers. Your child can feel the attention to detail with every step.