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Tyrolean mountain sheep

The Tiroler Bergschaf is a traditional sheep breed of Tyrol. Almost 100 years ago, the Tyrolean mountain sheep almost became extinct and was only promoted again years later through organised breeding.

The physical characteristics of the Tyrolean mountain sheep

The Tyrolean Mountain Sheep is a very robust, medium-sized sheep with a moderate ram head with long, broad and drooping ears. The wool of the Tyrolean Mountain Sheep can be dark brown to white. Patches are undesirable. The oestrus is aseasonal. With its strong maternal instinct, the Steinschaf is superior to the other breeds kept in Tyrol. Males can reach a weight of 70-120 kg. Females are somewhat smaller and about 10-20 kg lighter than bucks. The animals are shorn twice a year and the wool yield is between 3-5 kg per sheep.

Buy Felt Slippers made from wool from Tyrolean Mountain Sheep

Our felt slippers made from the wool of Tyrolean mountain sheep are produced regionally in our manufactory in Ötztal-Bahnhof. All components needed for the production of our felt slippers made of Tyrolean mountain sheep wool are sourced within a radius of approx. 30 km. The felt slippers can be bought with our patented felt latex sole or with a leather sole.

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