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AR 713 Tyrolean Stonesheep


Color : Tiroler Steinschaf

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Product number: 17/713-4850-0-42
handgel. schurwolle_grau

Felt from rare sheep's wool

made in tirol grau

Made in Austria


Sustainably produced


Temperature regulating


High-quality leather sole


Breathable by nature

Anatomisch geformt
Sohle aus Rindsleder
Oberstoff aus ungefärbter Wolle des Tiroler Steinschafs
Product description One of the oldest sheep breeds worldwide. The breed derives from the Neolithic Torfsheep and is native in Tyrol. With its warm and resistant coat, a combination of coarse upper and fine under coat, these animals brave the harshest weather. The wool impresses by its silky brightness. The Tyrol Stone Sheep is, due to its low number, acutely endangered. There are only about 6.000 sheep left.
Wool & resources

Yarn from Tiroler Steinschaf

One of the oldest sheep breeds in the world. The breed is descended from the Neolithic peat sheep and is native to Tyrol. With a warm, hard-wearing coat of coarse outer hair and fine undercoat, the animals can withstand the harshest weather conditions. The wool impresses with its silky sheen. Due to their small population, these animals are acutely endangered: there are only around 6,000 sheep left.
Care While wool has a natural ability to clean itself, from time to time your magicfelt slippers need a beauty treatment too. Step 1: Beating and brushing by beating the slippers you can easily remove accumulated dust. Many small stains and lint can then be easily removed with a hard brush. Step 2: Stain Removal our slippers are molded in pure mountain water, so they should never be completely soaked. Stubborn stains can easily be removed with a damp cotton cloth and a little mild soapy foam. Step 3: Care of the felt sole Dust, hair and dirt can be easily removed by regularly tapping or vacuuming. If it gets soaked, simply let it dry in the shade at room temperature. Attention: Never dry in the sun or on a heat source.
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